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, 1993 ‘You Will’ Ads

1993 ‘You Will’ Ads

21 years ago in 1993 AT&T released a series of 7 television ads and a number of print ads that back then must have resinated with me – it was a flashback to see...

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, 2014: Coffee in Space

2014: Coffee in Space

“An espresso coffee is what I miss most aboard the International Space Station.” We have repeatedly heard this comment from the Italian astronauts who for 13 years have been at times working in the International...

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, Micro Car, Macro Personality

Micro Car, Macro Personality

Vehicles that are sure to make you smile. Microcars have held the limelight of late. The world’s largest privately held collection went under the hammer in the US state of Georgia, bringing more than $8 million...

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, Encyclopedia Atlantica

Encyclopedia Atlantica

While it is not nice to poke fun at Encyclopedia publishers, remember a time, not long ago, when sites would boast about their hit counts? A great little web ad from Adobe for their...

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, Printing Objects In 3D

Printing Objects In 3D

Could this be the future of consumer product design? Shapeways is a website where customers can upload a 3D model online and get it printed out and shipped to their front door. It also provides...

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, Canada Vignettes: Log Driver’s Waltz

Canada Vignettes: Log Driver’s Waltz

If you were a kid growing up in Canada in the 80′s you’d remember waking up early to watch TV and finding this great little animation playing. Amazingly I found myself whistling this tune...

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, Ai Weiwei: 3,144 bikes

Ai Weiwei: 3,144 bikes

In Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei stacks 3,144 bikes, illuminated by blue and pink lights. A similar exhibit (with the same name, but using 1,200 bikes without the lights) was shown...

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, Lego Figures Getting Angrier?

Lego Figures Getting Angrier?

Could it be the surest sign of the times yet? The yellow people that populate LEGO’s land of coloured plastic building bricks are not as cheery as they used to be, according to a recent study....

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, Delight, Surprise, Connect

Delight, Surprise, Connect

A very nice introduction animation for Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference. While we are bombarded with special effects and hyper-technological capabilities – it is refreshing to see the World’s premier digital lifestyle driver create...

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, An American Icon Rebrands

An American Icon Rebrands

American Airlines rebrands their iconic eagle wings logo. The logo (or “flight symbol” as they call it) has come under scrutiny, but I really like the result and think it will look great across...

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